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TaxPilot is the app that simplifies your tax admin.


TAX has never been

TaxPilot is the ultimate tax app for performers and other freelancers in the entertainment industry. Bringing simplicity to keeping records and providing easy-to-understand knowledge so that you can stay on top of tax and focus on building a successful career. Save time, money and stress with an affordable monthly subscription with no contract!

TaxPilot is also useful if you are:

Working multiple jobs between performing?

Those bills need paying

Part-time or full-time, employed work or self-employed work. A performers life can include juggling a number of jobs. The pay you receive may be a combination of taxed and untaxed amounts. It really doesn’t matter what you do, as the app will account for it all.

TaxPilot is also useful if you are:

Going on


Take us with you!

TaxPilot is the perfect touring companion. Sing, Dance, Act and tap your troubles away. Your expenses typically increase whilst on tour and cast and crew often miss out on allowable expenses they can claim, meaning a bigger tax bill. Gulp. Get prepared and be wise.

TaxPilot is also useful if you are:

Totally confused

with Tax?

That’s ok

It’s absolutely fine to admit that you may not always know what you’re doing when it comes to tax. The app will give you the tools to effortlessly do your tax and provide you with the guidance you need to do it right. Let this put an end to the stress, confusion and expense of tax.

The Industry's
Ultimate Tax Tool

The old way

Piles of paper receipts

Piles of paper receipts

Manual and often complicated tax calculations

Manual and often complicated tax calculations

Often unknown tax bill until the end <br> of the year

Often unknown tax bill until the end
of the year

Missed expenses not claimed

Missed expenses not claimed

Accountants may charge £££’s to <br>carry out your book-keeping

Accountants may charge £££’s to
carry out your book-keeping

TaxPilot way



Effortless automated tax <br>calculations

Effortless automated tax

See the tax estimation each<br> month and set aside the money

See the tax estimation each
month and set aside the money

Useful guidance and tips to<br> ensure maximum tax saving

Useful guidance and tips to
ensure maximum tax saving

Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription


keeping mountains of receipts, the unanswered questions of what expenses you can claim, the many hours wasted in admin and the dreaded surprise of the unknown (… and already spent) tax bill.

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